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Medicated Soap

  • Neem Soap

    Weight : 75 gms

    Ingredients : Neem, Tulsi, Aloevera & Lemon

    Usage : For soothing and cooling ot skin. Also works as antibacterial.

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    Neem Soap

  • Scabina Soap

    Weight : 50 & 75 gms

    Ingredients : Cetrimide, Permethrin & Menthol

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    Scabina Soap

  • Scabina GT Soap

    Weight : 75 gms

    Ingredients : Gamma Benzene Hexachloride & Cetrimide Medicated Soap.New Improved formula.

    Usage : For scabies and rashes. Effective in preventing redness & itching.

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    Scabina GT Soap

  • Scabina Plus Soap

    Weight : 50 gms

    Ingredients : Cetrimide & Ketoconazole Soap

    Usage : For preventing scabies & fungal infections.

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    Scabina Plus Soap

  • Seasons Moisturizing Soap
    As we are counted among the reliable names in the industry, we are involved in carrying out a secured payment processing method. We undertake both online and offline methods for the convenience of the clients. We use premium-packaging materials to safeguard our products from mechanical and

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    Seasons Moisturizing Soap

  • Sulf Soap

    Weight : 75 gms

    Ingredients : Precipitated Sulphur & Salicylic Acid.

    Usage : For skin itching and redness. Moisturizes skin.

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    Sulf Soap

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